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  5. Reviews and Book Chapters

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    Advanced Science News: A “time-accelerated computational microscope” provides biologists with powerful insights

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    Research Articles

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    • Highlighted on the journal cover: "Specific G protein coupling to adenosine G-protein-coupled receptors revealed from all-atom enhanced sampling simulations: the adenosine A1 receptor (A1AR) prefers to bind the Gi protein to the Gs. The Gs could not stabilize adenosine binding in the active A1AR and vice versa. In contrast, the adenosine A2A receptor (A2AAR) could bind both the Gs and Gi proteins."

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    Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) Science Stories: “XSEDE Helps Reveal How a Heart Drug Molecular Switch Is Turned On and Off
    San Diego Supercomputer News: “SDSC Simulations Reveal How a Heart Drug Molecular Switch Is Turned On and Off

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  50. Prior to KU:

    Research Articles

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    UCSD News, Science Daily: "Novel molecular dynamics captures atomic-level detail of CRISPR-Cas9 activity"

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    UCSD News, Science Daily: "Promising Drug Leads Identified to Combat Heart Disease"
    Health Medicinet: “Researchers use unique computational approach to identify promising drug leads for heart diseases”

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    UCSD News: "SDSC Supercomputer Modeling Reveals Acrobatics of CRISPR-Cas9 Technology"

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    Cover Highlight: J. Andrew McCammon Festschrift special issue, J. Phys. Chem. B (2016) "Benzene ligand binding to T4 lysozyme, and corresponding free energy surface. The newest MD method from the McCammon group is Gaussian Accelerated Molecular Dynamics (GaMD), developed primarily by Dr. Yinglong Miao (Miao, Y.; et al. J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2015, 11,3584–3595). The method draws upon remarkable advances in theory and computers since the first protein MD simulation (McCammon, J.A.; et al. Nature 1977, 267,585–590). That first simulation covered 9 ps for a 58-residue protein with four explicit solvent molecules. GaMD allows simulations of systems containing hundreds of thousands of atoms, sampling configurations that evolve on millisecond timescales; corresponding free energy landscapes can be calculated by careful reweighting ..."
    Lecture, NBCR-TCBG joint workshop “Simulation-Based Drug Discovery” (2015)
    Invited Talk, Snowmass Free Energy Calculation Workshop (2015)
    Invited Talk, 2016 American Chemical Society Meeting (2016)
    Invited Talk,Vertex Workshop on Free Energy Methods in Drug Design: Targeting Cancer” (2016)

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    • Recommended by “Faculty of 1000
    • Invited Talk, 2015 American Chemical Society Meeting (2015)
    • Invited Talk, 95th AAAS Annual Meeting (2014)
    • Invited Talk, CECAM Workshop (2014)
    • Invited Talk, Beijing Computational Science Research Center (2014)
    • Invited Talk, UCSD Mathematics and Biochemistry-Biophysics Seminar (2013)
    • Invited Talk, 57th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting (2013)

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    Cover Highlight: Topical Issue on Neutron Biological Physics

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    • JACS Spotlights: "Warming Proteins from the Inside Out"

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    Press release: "Three UT Professors Combine ORNL Neutrons with UT Knoxville Superconducting Magnet and Supercomputing to Probe Enzyme Function"

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    Press release: "Supercomputer reveals new details behind drug-processing protein model"

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    Cover Highlight

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    • Selected by Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research

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    • Selected by Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research
  89. Reviews and Book Chapters

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    Cover Highlight
    • Free access to fulltext for the first 50:

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