We welcome highly motivated graduate/undergraduate students and postdoctoral researchers to join our lab.

Postdoctoral Researchers

We don't have opening for the moment and may continue to look for highly motivated Postdoctoral Researchers in the future. Projects in the lab involve computer-aided drug discovery, method development for enhanced simulations of biomolecular recognition, and multiscale modeling of cellular signaling processes. In collaboration with leading experimentalists, postdocs in our lab have the opportunity to work on unprecedented simulations and drug design of functionally important proteins and nucleic acids.

Postdocs are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowships with our support from NIH, NSF, AHA, etc.

Graduate Students

The Miao Lab welcomes prospective talented graduate students in the Department of Molecular Sciences or Center for Computational Biology. You can find detailed Information on how to apply for the two graduate programs at: Molecular Biosciences and Computational Biology.

Ungraduate Students

Undergraduate students with solid biology/chemistry/physics background, good computational skills and an interest in computer-aided drug discovery are encouraged to contact the PI to discuss research opportunities in the lab.

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